GoMcCord GMBT Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution

Trust your fleet with the most accurate real-time vehicle location data.

  Powerful tracking tools such as Routing, Geofence, Alerts and Management Reports all included. Alert Types: speeding, starts and stop, vehicle or driver alerts and more.

  Admin app available through iOS and Android app.

  We provide Live Phone Support

GMBT Tracking unit


LTE OBDII Tracking unit
Connect to any type vehicle with harness
LED Indicator
Internal Antenna
Power Supply: DC 8 to 32 V
Temperature Range: -30C to 85C


Circular geo-fence up to 200 zones
Polygon geo-fence up to 50 zones
Route tracking up to 500 points

Second option - Hardwired Real-Time GPS Tracking unit

  • Waterproof unit
  • Wires directly into the asset’s power source.
  • Connects to all networks.

  • LTE Cat Device.
    Geo-fences (Circular / Polygon)
    Weighs less than 1 pound
    One input and one output for additional accessories.
    Additional option: Temperature sensor
    Signals penetrates deep even in basements and garages.
    Configurable to for reports mode.
    Motion Detection: Built-in 3-axis accelerometer