McCord AirIQ Dashcam

Standalone Camera with Live Real-Time Tracking

One solution that does it all – track and video.

This stand-alone device makes it perfect for capturing the complete video image, breadcrumb trail tracking and fleet management of your assets.

Exonerate your drivers of any wrong doing.

Increase safety by reducing incidents

Full visibility of your assets

Get automatically notified for all critical events.

  • Receive driver activity alerts
  • Video notifications as video clips
  • Full Fleet Visibility

Front Back


Dimensions: L 115mm x W 70mm x H 51mm

Temperature: Operating: -0 to +70 Celsius Storage: -10 to +85 Celsius

Anti-tamper: SD card and SIM card access is locked behind anti-tamper panel with proprietary screw

Power: 12V-24V via hardwire kit

Battery: Integrated battery. Upon power disconnect, camera will enter standby and will only record event and video if there is a sudden jolt when the vehicle is off

Click and save video events - Video events are stored on your customer web portal for 30 days, so you can retrieve and save your content however you would like.

Vibration Detection - The IQ-Cam will detect vibration on your asset. Meaning if someone is trying to break into your asset, the IQ-Cam will turn on both forward facing and in-cab lenses and begin recording.

Easily installed on your vehicle’s windshield in less than 10 minutes. Simply stick onto your windshield, connect the wires and you’re set!