McCord AirIQ Asset Tracking

Versatile Asset Tracker (Battery Powered Device) Built for Flexibility, with Extensive 1/0 Capabilities and Excellent Field Performance

The TTU-283orm weatherproof, complete vehicle tracking device is designed for reliable, long-term deployments and is ideal for assets that are tethered but may sit disconnected for periods of time. Equipped with a rechargeable battery pack, PEG's powerful engine, precise GPS technology, LTE Cat 1 and expansive 1/0 harness enables a broad array of use cases for asset management solutions.

Monitor Assets include:

Porta Potties
The possibilities are endless...

The Benefits:

All on one platform.
Easy to install and conceal with a long battery life. With a
length of 4.25 inches, the AirIQ battery powered device will fit in the palm of your hands.
Get Alerts when assets go on the move.
Stationary and batteries are at low voltage.