Refund Policy

Our commitment is to form a strong relationship with our customers and always strive to put forward the best quality of work performed. The following conditions apply for you to request a refund:

All requests can be submitted by sending an email to

1. Cancelling the Order:
The request to cancel the order by the customer is possible before the order has been initiated. Upon approval of request, there will be a 15% cancelation fee applied and funds will be released by McCord Telematics to the customer in a timely manner or at the discretion of the financial institution of either party.

2. Refund / Money Back Guarantee:
If you (customer) are not satisfied by our work performed, you can request a refund before the order was initiated, minus any fees associated of the amount that was charged to you by McCord Telematics only and not the service provider. Any stipulations in agreements with McCord Telematics and service providers associated in the customer service agreement / contracts will apply. There will be a service charge assessed.

The above policy does not apply after delivery of product has been made.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.