Rosco was established in 1907. For over a century, our goals have remained the same: We are committed to producing the highest quality automotive vision safety products and providing the level of service our customers deserve.

Today, we supply our products to every truck and bus manufacturer in North America. Our products are designed and built in the USA. Our staff has grown to over 250 people in facilities totaling over 150,000 sq ft.

Rosco is at the cutting edge of the automotive transformation from traditional vision products to advanced digital products such as cameras and sensors, and continues to drive automotive vision safety.

As we move forward we have set our goals even higher. We are now certified to ISO-9001:2015. Our focus on Total Quality Management and continuous improvement will keep our product quality at levels our customers demand.

We will strive to improve our customer service through online and other electronic resources. We will continue to develop newer and better products to serve the ever-changing needs of the marketplace of tomorrow


Dual-Vision XC4 continuously monitors and captures driving behavior while simultaneously providing real-time driver feedback. If the predetermined speed limit and/or G-force settings should be exceeded, the driver is notified with an audible chime. The audible chime or “alert” is a reminder to drivers that helps reinforce safe driving habits. Dual-Vision XC4’s continuous video helps fleets monitor and confirm that safe practices are consistently maintained by drivers. Dual-Vision XC4’s instant driver feedback is the equivalent of a safety expert sitting side by side with drivers and training them on safe practices that result in behavioral changes and fewer incidents and collisions.

  • Continuous Video Recording and Event Recording
  • HD Quality Video Recording
  • 720p Forward View Camera, 960H Interior Camera
  • Optional 960H Auxiliary Cameras For a Total of Four Cam Inputs
  • Up to 10 Total Cameras Can Be Recorded With Split View Windows
  • One-Piece Locking Mounting Bracket Protects SD Card
  • Compatible with Current High-Capacity SD Memory Cards
  • 3,000+ hours of Recording Time per High-Capacity SD Card
  • Built-in Infrared LEDs for Excellent Night Interior View
  • Includes DV-Pro® 5 Software
  • Includes Database Management and Alert Notification/li>
  • Optional Auto Download System – Highest Wi-Fi Speeds
  • Optional 4G Cellular For Live Tracking and Video Streaming w/ Cloud Storage


Dual-Vision XC increases a fleet's productivity and profitability by improving driver performance at a fraction of the cost of Event only, Wi-Fi and DVR recording technologies. Let Dual-Vision XC protect your bottom line by reducing fuel consumption, stopping dangerous driving habits before they lead to accidents, & lowering insurance premiums by reducing accident claims!

Dual-Vision XC assists fleet managers to comply with federal law that bans all commercial drivers from using hand held devices. Drivers who violate the restriction can face federal civil penalties of up to $2,750 for each offense and disqualification from operating a commercial motor vehicle for multiple offenses. Commercial truck and bus companies that don’t prevent their drivers from using hand held devices while driving are liable for millions of dollars if “compliance processes” are not in place or effective.



Wi-Fi capability allows automatic downloads of the video data files from the Dual-Vision XC4 device to a Rosco provided access point at the vehicle depot. This access point directs data to a local wi-fi server or cloud based user interface (available Q2 2018). The process is cost effective and simple, with the lowest monthly charges possible, and the video data is available only moments after the vehicle returns to the depot. The Cloud interface is accessible through connected and mobile devices, instantaneously and without limitations.


WDual-Vision XC4's cellular capabilities allow fleet managers to review and download live video while vehicles are still on the road. The Dual-Vision XC4 device connects to the RoscoLive Cloud via a 4G cellular connection and users are able to pull live videos and other live data from the RoscoLive Cloud. Live video streaming is also available. Cellular plans and costs vary. Please consult with Rosco on the options that best fit your fleet. Cellular connectivity also allows for integration with certain telematics devices.

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