Video Telematics can save you money

Protect your drivers and fleet – driver exoneration using on-demand video
In-cab coaching for risky driving – fewer accidents
Identify risky drivers – make your fleet safer with personalized coaching
Driver engagement through positive recognition

Video tells it like it happened

Protect your fleet with on-demand video

Exonerate drivers
See what happened
Eliminate fraud
Accessible anywhere

In-cab alerts using AI-on-the-edge

3Prevent dangerous outcomes with alerts.
In-cab coaching against dangerous driving.
Event notification and video available for review.
With edge AI, upload only what is necessary.

Road facing AI: Stop sign violation, FCW, Tail gating, Speed violations and Lane Drift Driver facing AI: Distraction, Drowsiness, Face ID

Easy to use Driver Coaching Workflow

Easy to deploy & manage video safety

AI on the edge for in-cab coaching
Full HD video
GPS tracking encompassed in camera
Simple Installation – power, ground & stick