SmartWitness is a reliable in-vehicle camera solutions and Video Telematics provider since 2008. SmartWitness camera solution has built-in real-time GPS tracking and records every incident past, present and future. The cameras provide a wide-angle HD quality, sensors and alerts, built-in micro SD card of up to 128 GB.

AP1 Forward Facing Camera

Plug & Play Installation

AP1’s HD video camera provides a 128-degree front view of the road along with in-cab audio recording to provide a complete and accurate view in the event of an accident.

CP4S is a powerful, compact and discreet product that provides the ability to have up to 4 HD cameras, forward, rear and sides. CP4S gathers video data 10 seconds before and after accident and sends to cloud on SmartWitness customer portal.

Since Commercial drivers are often accused or assumed guilty of an accident on the scene, the video clips recovered by SmartWitness cameras serve as valuable and full proof evidence in revealing the truth. Thus, absolving your drivers of any wrongdoing, proving innocence, and protecting your drivers.

SmartWitness Dashcams now integrates with Geotab ELD platform