Tank Monitoring Skybitz

SMARTank ST95 LTE Class 1, Division 1 Monitoring Solution

Intrinsically Safe Wireless Monitoring Solution

The SMARTank™ ST95 cellular remote monitoring system combines several industry-first features that redefine what’s possible with monitoring chemical inventory in Class 1, Division 1, Group D Hazardous Locations. Now with SkyBitz Tank Monitoring and SMARTank, plant operators and management can maximize employee and plant safety and monitor tanks in hazardous locations remotely for critical level, location, daily usage history information and more, without actually being in those hazardous areas. Specifically engineered for a low profile and to be intrinsically safe, the SMARTank ST95 system performs where others can’t. Discover how the ST95 monitoring system can help you maximize chemical distribution efficiency in plant areas that require Class 1, Div 1 certified electronics.

We Make Tanks in Hazardous Locations Talk

Our single-source combination of IS hardware, software and data service provides secure key tank information 24/7. In the office or in the field, you’ll know the tank level, precisely where it is, and when replenishment is needed. This helps maximize operating efficiency by eliminating run-outs, having to make costly emergency deliveries and avoiding losing the asset. It also helps you optimize plant and employee safety practices.

Lowest Profile in the Industry Talk

The unique, low-profile domed design of the SMARTank ST95 minimizes the height of the exposed part of the device to less than two and one-half inches above the vessel. The electronics are housed safely in the portion of the device recessed within the tank, and the antennae are under the domed cover. So, whether your tanks/totes are stacked or not, the hardware is out of harm’s way.

We Speak Intrinsic Safety

The SMARTank ST95 can be used in Class 1, Div 1, Group D Hazardous Locations, and is certified Intrinsically Safe by CSA Group. Vented tanks call for the use of gauge sensors, while unvented tanks will most often utilize absolute sensors. All electronics reside inside the enclosure – even the cellular antenna.

Engineered for Ruggedness, Safety and Ease of Use

Reduced current consumption, OTA firmware updates and a tamper-evident enclosure with an internal antenna all combine to improve battery life, make updates seamless and enhance chemical compatibility and security, while delivering critical tank information to users 24/7.

Key Features

The SkyBitz SA3000 gives fleet operators visibility into vehicle location, fuel usage, speed and mileage through real-time data and reports, including:

  • Certified for use in Class 1, Division 1, Group D Hazardous Locations, in vented & unvented tanks where intrinsically safe electronics are required.
  • Low profile domed form factor, ideal for monitoring stackable tanks, totes and shipping containers. Available with dual sensor configuration for unvented tanks (gasoline), as shown here.

Key Benefits of the SMARTank TL95

  • Critical tank data available 24/7 without entering the Hazardous Location, via our SMARTank Tank Level and Analytics Portal - Mobile App available too
  • Industry’s lowest profile – all parts protected
  • Choice of enclosure to ensure compatibility
  • Low cost cellular technology
  • Excellent battery life and OTA firmware updates
  • Secure, reliable access to tank information when and where you need it


Construction: ROHS Compliant
Enclosures: NEMA 4X; weatherproof, flame resistant Lexan top, CPVC base (UL94V-0), or stainless steel 316 model
Process Fitting: Simultaneous 2” NPT and 2” Buttress
Unit Gross Weight: 1.3 lbs (454g)

Mode: LTE 4G Digital Wireless Radio with 3G fallback
RF Approval: FCC Part 15 B approved
Frequency Bands: LTE 700/850/AWS1700/1900MHz
GPS Receiver: Internal Antenna

Output Voltage: Nominally 14V/24V
Output Current: Rated from 0-50mA
Load Regulation: 0.5% from @ 30mA load
Battery Powered: 7.4 VDC max
Output Short Circuit Protection: Current limited to 50 mA
Accuracy: +/-0.25%, +/-0.50%, +/-1.0% based on requirements

Operating Temperature: Code T3C: -13°F to 104°F (-25°C to 40°C)
Storage Temperature: -40°Fto 185°F (-40°C to -85°C)